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Some of Tom Nickel's Work

Tommy Nickel is a rising talent in the film industry. David Paige Productions is very proud to partner with him and we look forward to continuing our projects with Tom in the lead. 

Examples of his work are available with a simple click on any of the videos embedded on this page. Once you see this small sample of work, you will see why we have partnered with Tom and why you should want him to lead your next project. 

Jobsolete Test Footage - By Tom Nickel

Tom developed a series of animated educational shorts that taught about the many different types of careers students can pursue, and the history of that career. Click play to learn about the Pony Express!

St. Francis Food Pantry: Celebrating Women of Valor
By Tom Nickel

This promotional video was shot by Tom for this non-profit organization that feeds hungry New Yorkers. St. Francis Food Pantry has been contributing to the people of NYC for over one hundred years. 

All Boro Construction Commercial - By Tom Nickel

Tom shot this commercial for All Boro Construction. Click play to see his work. No voiceover track, music only.

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